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End of Season Blues

2023-10-20 4:28 PM | Anonymous

By Eli Post

I look for a solution
To deal with my confusion
About a winter sport
That does not fall short
To the excitement of biking
And will be to my liking.

This may be wishful thinking
I'm better off drinking
To find a biking replacement
I could look in the basement
Or better yet, keep on riding
Always law-abiding

Look winter in the eye
And to the cold, say good-bye
But not give up biking
Which is to my liking

Winter is coming
I should be humming
A tune of regret
Or break into a cold sweat
But I will continue to ride,
Good sense aside
With snow on my face
The cold I will embrace.





  • 2023-10-30 12:34 PM | Adam Auster
    When salt wants to eat my bike
    This alternative I like—
    Here it is for all and sundry—
    Strap on skis and go cross country

    It’s a nice aerobic hustle
    Using many of the muscles
    That I flex while on a ride
    Another way to be outside
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