Charles River Wheelers

Spring Is Almost Here

2024-01-29 9:22 PM | Anonymous

By Eli Post

March is around the corner, but in New England it will still be cold
However, we optimists will be bold

There will be random warm days
To serve us in many ways

You could take the bike off its rack
And enjoy a local track

Or maybe a path or neighborhood street
Anyplace where cyclists can meet

There is reward for warm days biking
One that will be to your liking

You will be out enjoying the pleasant air
While your buddies are stuck at home in a nailed down chair

You are ahead of the game
But there’s none to blame

So follow the weather
And we can all act together

To experience an extraordinary day and ride
Let the cool air be your guide

With cool air on your face
And with warm feelings in place

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