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Cranberry Century Wrap Up

2023-10-20 1:36 PM | Anonymous

Erik D'Entremont and Mark  Nardone ran the Cranberry Century held on October 14, 2023. This aricle is a report to the CRW Board.

We also include a comment by CRW President Edward Cheng:" Thank you everyone, and congratulations.  This is an important event for CRW and you volunteers are at the heart of it. Special thanks to Erik (and Mark) for taking the lead in organizing it."

By Erik D’Entremont

  • Hello CRW Board             

    The Cranberry Ride was a success.

We had 369 Registrations with 270 riders who checked in.
    • We generated $11,245 in fee revenue.

    Our expenses are still be submitted but I expect to be over budget as we had additional permit, DCR and medal expenses for the year.

    The Water stops all went great without issue. Our sponsored stops at Mattapoisett and Tamarack did great! All of our volunteers were Awesome!


    • John O’Dowd – Ride leader management, parking coordination and Distribution and so much more ! You rock Buddy!
    • Everett Briggs – Sat Distribution, East Over Water Stop Stud and Post Distribution, I could NOT have done Sat/Sun without you! You Rock the Fro Man!
    • Barbara Jacobs- New 28 Mile ride recon and development. Peg Primak and Ted Nyder assisted.
    • Water Stops: Mattapoisett Bonnie and gang: Our riders loved the bike path, Come Back Next Year!
      • Tamarak – Karen, Tim, Faith, TiM and Jim – You guys did great! Come back Next Year!
      • East Over – Barbara, Girls and Everett – Newbies and Vets getting it done with out a tent, Come back next year!
    • Registration: Stan and Francie- Toughing it out in wind and park cell issues.
    • Ride leaders: Barbara, David, Peg, John O, Jerry S, Hermin, Meagan, Ted- CRW Ambassadors that did a great job, good safety talks!
    • Sudbury Dist and Food- Marlene, John, Bary , Clyde – Every rest stop had enough of everything. The Catholic Charities Food Pantry (Everett!) received a welcomed donation with our extra fruit etc..
    • College After Party: Kermit, Fancie, Tim and many more: We rocked the Pond!

    My apologies if I left anyone out. I appreciate every effort and hope you come back and do it again.  

    There will be a CRW Volunteer EOY Party announcement soon under CRW Events, STAY TUNED.

    Thank you all for making the 2023  CRW Century season a success! WE APPRECAITE YOU!

  • A special thank you to our CRW Volunteers Superstars,

In Gratitude
Erik D’Entremont
Mark Nardone

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