Ride with GPS phone app training on May 5


Navigate your next CRW ride with turn-by-turn instructions, record your rides, access all CRW routes, all on your phone.  Learn how in a special on-road class that will be part of the May 5 Beerhall Social Ride out of Jack's Abby in Framingham.

To learn how to use the Ride with GPS phone app, sign up for our training scheduled for May 5.  You must have an iPhone or Android phone to use the RwGPS app.  You will learn on your bike in real time while interacting with the trainers, Bob Wolf and Jack Donohue, on a 20 mile route.  You need to be ready to ride at the 10 am start time.

This is members only, so join the club here if you are not already a member and want to be part of the training.

CRW will loan you a handlebar phone mount for the training so you can ride with your phone where you can see it.

For more information and to sign up, go here.