CRW Rides are open to members and limited guests. Guests may only attend two rides before joining.
All riders (both Members and Guests) must REGISTER

Register here:

If a rider has not pre-registered, that rider must do so online at the start of the ride. 

The online registration will include a liability waiver that all riders will need to review and accept. 

The online registration will also require all riders to review CRW’s Safety and COVID Guidelines and to agree to follow those guidelines on the ride.


📝 Overview

Wanna work on your hills game?  Training for an upcoming hill climb?  Do you enjoy pain?  Then, you are in luck!

A ride is considered to have a substantial amount of climbing if there is 100ft elevation gain per mile.  This route has 120ft per mile, so saddle up!

Come join us for an enjoyable workout starting from Porter Square in Cambridge or Monument Park in Arlington, where we will do hill repeats in Arlington Heights. 


🕝 Timing and Options

There is no obligation to join for all the hills.  A convenient spot to drop from the ride to get home for work or other obligations may be the final ascent to the water tower in Arlington Heights prior to heading over to the other side of Mass Ave.  Most likely we will hit the water tower between 7am and 730am, depending on pace.  Plan for the the bonus section east of Mass Ave to take approximately 30 minutes longer to complete.


🚲 Ride Format


⛰️🛑 Regrouping

This is a NO DROP ride, we will wait at the top of most hills to regroup when safe to do so.  Everyone can climb and descend at whatever pace they feel comfortable with.


🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏿🚴🏽‍♀️ Pace Groups

If the group is large enough, we will split it into 2 different paces, such that people aren't waiting too long at regrouping points.



🗺️ Route Notes

🧭 Navigation

Since this route has a few overlapping sections, the GPS may be thrown off a bit and get confused in some sections.  Be sure to review the cues prior to the ride to familiarize yourself with the route.


 Hazards & Road Conditions

Rough Roads: Traversing Hawthorne Ave (regrouping point and slow speed so okay), going up on Brattle Street (going slow so okay)

Speed Bump: Between Wheeler Lane & Ridge Street connection


⚠️ Disclaimer

↗ ↘ Steep Ascents and Descents

There are some steep ascents on this route (up to 20%).  Make sure to bring a bike with proper gearing. 

What goes up, must also come down; meaning there are also steep descents.  Make sure your brakes in good working order.


📍 Meeting Point(s)

1️⃣ We will meet at the bike racks closest to the main intersection at Porter Square on the island between Dunkin and CVS.  There is also a convenient bike repair stand there if needed. 

2️⃣ If you would like to join us in Arlington, we will probably be rolling by Monument Park in Arlington center about 10 minutes after the ride starts.


🚗 Parking

If you are driving to the start, you can park in Porter Square shopping center parking lot for free.

Date: Tuesday Aug 9, 2022
5:30am at Porter Square (Cambridge)
5:40am at Monument Park (Arlington)
Ride type: 
Led Ride
Show and Go

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Routes and Cue Sheets from RWGPS

Miles Elevation Print Download
27 3,251 ft Cue sheet GPX
Rooster Hills Elevation Profile
View from Arlington 360

Ride Start

Porter Square Shopping Center

36 White Street
Cambridge , MA

Parking in the shopping center is free.  Meeting point is at the bike racks along Mass Ave between Dunkin and CVS.

Monument Park

Mass Ave at, Broadway
Arlington , MA

Meet at the tall monument on Massachusetts Avenue side, close to the Blue Bikes station.


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