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Helmets are required on CRW rides.
Non-members are welcome to ride with us and experience what the CRW offers. At the start we will ask you to sign up for the ride by completing a liability waiver form. If you like our rides and want to continue to ride with the CRW, we urge you to become a CRW member. Membership dues support the CRW Ride Program and other club activities.Click to Join CRW

August 2019

Saturday - August 3, 2019
Ride Start: Providence Commuter Rail Amtrak station, 100 Gaspee Street, Providence, RI (map)
Ride Type: GPS, Show and Go
Times and Routes: 11:15 at Providence train station: south corner near exit to Railroad Street, 10:00 at Boston South station
RWGPS Links: 55 mile route   
Leader(s): Rami Haddad
Description: Escape Providence to enjoy extended smoothly paved trail for 30km inside a green tunnel of trees & farms. Hop onto narrow country roads to reach Foster Country Club. We stop for late lunch, likely around 14:00.
Bring extra snacks to eat on the train. Lunch will be late mid way through the ride, likely around 14:00. Several sandwich, vegetarian, burger, & salad options available. There are few other stops or facilities along the way. Carry extra water & snacks accordingly.
We continue on more fun & scenic roads until we reach providence likely by 16:30. Those who want to return early can sprint to catch the train at 16:55. Others can stay for a tour around town & dinner before an evening train at 19:04.
Expect one or two short sections of gravel. No special bicycles or tires needed.
No big hills to climb. Several small rolling hills for a total less than 1,000m ascent.
This will be self-guided tour, even though we will try to stay together as a group. Bring GPS device, phone with navigation apps, or cue sheets for the routes you plan to ride. We will not provide them.
Bring small handlebar bag to carry extra clothes, gear, snacks, USB battery, lights, & hydration tablets.
T Time rides are those that combine train & ferry public transport service around Boston. T could mean train, tour, or a cup of tea. The idea is to reach routes far from city center or take one-way routes. These rides are often leisurely tours for a full day that allows several stops to take pictures, rest on the town green, dip in the water, & sample bakeries.
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Car: drive to Providence. Parking is available at train station & around. Watch for your bicycle on top of the car when entering the garage. No confirmed daily rate. Expect $20–30.
Train: space is limited on the train. Notify the leader of your interest to join the trip. Take the Commuter Rail at 10:00 from Boston South station to arrive Providence at 11:05. Ride will leave at 11:15. After dinner, we return on train 19:04 from Providence to arrive Boston at 20:13

Sunday - August 4, 2019
Ride Start: Jack's Abby Beerhall, 134 Clark Street, Framingham, MA (map)
Ride Type: Follow the leader, GPS
Times and Routes: 10 am for 39 miles
RWGPS Links: 39 mile route   
Leader(s): Bob Wolf
Description: Join us to ride with your friends or to meet new ones! This year we will ride one route of 39 miles on the first Sunday of the month, May to October.  We will start at 10 am.
There will be 4 groups riding at 13, 14-15, 15-16, and 16-18 mph. Each group will have a leader working to keep the group together and enjoyable.  The entire “train” will be swept behind the 13 mph group. We end at the Jack's Abby Beerhall where we can get together for post ride eats and drinks.
From the Jack's Abby Beerhall in Framingham the ride heads to Dover, Westwood, Medfield, and Sherborn.  Please note that this event is intended to be a social riding opportunity and not the traditional CRW ride structure of riding at your own pace. Please come if you both can and want to ride with a social group at 13-16+ mph.
Click on the map below to open the route on Ride with GPS website.
As an added feature of the Beerhall Social on May 5 we will have a special group training on the bike using the Ride with GPS phone app. Learn to navigate your next CRW ride with turn-by-turn instructions, record your rides, and access all CRW routes. All on your iPhone or Android phone. The training will take place on a special 20 mile route, enabling participants to join riders from the main ride for lunch and libations after. For more information and to register (maximum 12 participants) go here.

Saturday - August 10, 2019
Ride Start: Florence Sawyer School (Emerson School), 100 Mechanic St, Bolton, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 10.00 for 25, 40 and 49 miles
RWGPS Links: 26 mile route    41 mile route    50 mile route   
Leader(s): Eli Post
Description: Return of the Killer Hill may sound like a horror movie but it's just a ride where all routes are hilly and present a challenge. Be prepared! The Killer Hill family has three routes. The medium route (Mama Hill) is 40 miles with 3,400 feet of climb or 80 feet per mile of climb. The short route (Baby Hill) is 25 miles with 74 feet per mile of climb, almost as hilly. The 49 mile long route (Papa Hill) gratuitously grabs every hill in sight and is a whopping 82 feet of climb per mile making it one of the club's hilliest rides. Besides being hilly, the roads are as charming as they get. The route is not marked and GPS navigation is recommended as there are numerous turns on all the routes. Routes will be updated, if necessary, on or about August 1.

Sunday - August 11, 2019
Ride Start: Gryzboska Circle, 15 Gryzboska Circle, Framingham, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 10AM for 26, 39 or 56 miles on rolling terrain.
RWGPS Links: 26 mile route    39 mile route    56 mile route   
Leader(s): Joe Repole,
Description: The super short (SS) ride meanders   southwest from Framingham to Ashland, Southborough and Hopkinton.  The   short (S) ride adds Upton. The long (L) ride adds Uxbridge, Mendon and   Northbridge.  All rides are rolling.  The lunch stop for the short and   long rides is in Upton center.  The super short ride has no lunch stop.    Most of the ride is on residential and rural roads with few traffic lights. Points of interest include Framingham Country Club, Charlie Chan's summer home, Whitehall Lake and State Park, scenic brooks, Upton State Forest, farms, llamas and the Ashland Town Forest.  In nice weather this ride can attract over 70 riders.
There will be a limited number of cue sheets available Sunday.  Please print your own from below RWGPS

Saturday - August 17, 2019
Ride Start: Mill & Main Sudbury Street Lot, 32 Sudbury Street, Maynard, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:30 for 37 and 24 miles, 9:00 for 58 miles
RWGPS Links: 24 mile route    38 mile route    58 mile route   
Leader(s): John O'Dowd, robyn_betts
Description: Come take a tour around the Wachusett Reservoir and reward yourself with ice cream at Erikson's Dairy at the end. You will earn your treat, as the long and medium routes climb Wattaquadock Hill in Bolton. 37 mile route omits reservoir loop. 24 mile route omits both the reservoir and Wattaquadock Hill. But all three routes climb Long Hill in Bolton (like I said, you will earn that ice cream!) But it's worth it. If you prefer something stronger than ice cream, you can sip a beer on the patio at Battle Road Brewery instead. There will be 15-16 mph average paced groups available on both the medium and long rides.
Long route is only HALF arrowed!
No bathroom at ride start.
If you are not going to Erikson's please tell ride leader.

Sunday - August 18, 2019
Ride Start: Municipal Parking Lot-Meriam Street, 6 Meriam St, Lexington, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:00 for 20, 37 or 52 miles
RWGPS Links: 20 mile route    37 mile route    52 mile route   
Leader(s): Harry Manasewich, Sheldon Cooperman
Description: This always popular ride is in memory of the late Al Bolea who lost his fight against Myelofibrosis, a degenerative bone marrow disease, on September 23, 2005.  Al was a prominent member of CRW and was co-founder of the CRW Wednesday night Ice Cream Ride, which remains a popular club ride!  Al had a profound effect on the people around him.  He showed them the importance of valuing and welcoming each person; that riding is about sharing our passion for cycling and enjoying the road together.  With this in mind, we will be encouraging you to ride with Al's spirit of inclusion and to ask someone new to ride with today! Routes travel beautiful back roads of Concord, Acton, Carlisle, and Bedford.  The long ride will also visit scenic Boxborough and Littleton.     Information on Myelofibrosis or to make a donation can be found at  the MPN Research Foundation. which is working on a cure.

Saturday - August 24, 2019
Nashoba Valley Pedalers Logo
Ride Start: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, 390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS, Map
Times and Routes: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM for 50, 75 and 100 miles
Description: Nashoba Valley Pedalers Apple Country Century
25, 50, 75, and 100 mile routes through quiet back roads in Massachusetts and looping into New Hampshire for the 100 mile route.  All rides are fully arrowed.  Back-up cue sheets are provided.   GPS files will be available from the NVP website before the ride.  Pre registration encouraged at
Other features include:
Sag/Emergency Support
Cued and Arrowed Routes
Pre-ride Mechanical Support
T-Shirt available ($21.75 S-XL; $23 XXL)