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Helmets are required on CRW rides.
Non-members are welcome to ride with us and experience what the CRW offers. At the start we will ask you to sign up for the ride by completing a liability waiver form. If you like our rides and want to continue to ride with the CRW, we urge you to become a CRW member. Membership dues support the CRW Ride Program and other club activities.Click to Join CRW

June 2019

Saturday - June 1, 2019
Ride Start: Berlin Memorial School, 34 South St, Berlin, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:00 AM for 14, 24 and 34 hilly miles
RWGPS Links: 14 mile route    24 mile route    34 mile route   
Leader(s): Chris Summerfield, robyn_betts
Description: Bucolic, tree-lined rural roads with very little traffic, a particular treat dressed in bright green colors on a crisp morning in Spring. The 34-mile route is more hilly and includes several significant climbs, including the always-popular Green Street hill. The 24-mile route, while also hilly, avoids Green Street and is more rolling. The 14-mile route is an abbreviated version of the 24-mile, featuring similar terrain with 10 fewer miles. All routes feature a 1/2-mile warm-up climb followed immediately by a breezy and fun one-mile downhill run before the split at mile 4.6. All routes merge again near the end to share several more rolling hills and two additional downhill runs.
There is a porta-john at the school and rest rooms at the municipal building nearby. IMPORTANT: Park in the large lot behind the school. Do not park in the entrance drive, in front of the school or near the recreation fields. Please check the listing of this ride on the website for changes or cancellation before going to the start location.

Sunday - June 2, 2019
Ride Start: Jack's Abby Beerhall, 134 Clark Street, Framingham, MA (map)
Ride Type: Follow the leader, GPS
Times and Routes: 10 am for 39 miles
RWGPS Links: 39 mile route   
Leader(s): Bob Wolf
Description: Join us to ride with your friends or to meet new ones! This year we will ride one route of 39 miles on the first Sunday of the month, May to October.  We will start at 10 am.
There will be 4 groups riding at 13, 14-15, 15-16, and 16-18 mph. Each group will have a leader working to keep the group together and enjoyable.  The entire “train” will be swept behind the 13 mph group. We end at the Jack's Abby Beerhall where we can get together for post ride eats and drinks.
From the Jack's Abby Beerhall in Framingham the ride heads to Dover, Westwood, Medfield, and Sherborn.  Please note that this event is intended to be a social riding opportunity and not the traditional CRW ride structure of riding at your own pace. Please come if you both can and want to ride with a social group at 13-16+ mph.
Click on the map below to open the route on Ride with GPS website.
As an added feature of the Beerhall Social on May 5 we will have a special group training on the bike using the Ride with GPS phone app. Learn to navigate your next CRW ride with turn-by-turn instructions, record your rides, and access all CRW routes. All on your iPhone or Android phone. The training will take place on a special 20 mile route, enabling participants to join riders from the main ride for lunch and libations after. For more information and to register (maximum 12 participants) go here.

Sunday - June 2, 2019
Ride Start: Park and Ride-Tyngsborough, 99 Kendall Rd, Tyngsborough, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:00 a.m. for both 37 & 51 miles
RWGPS Links: 38 mile route    51 mile route   
Leader(s):, Merle Adelman
Description: This  co-club (CRW/NVP) ride is also a training ride for the American Diabetes Association's New England Classic Tour de Cure. There will be two full rest stops (Windham, NH & Pelham, NH). The ride takes us through Tyngsborough & Dracut, MA and up and down the hills of  Pelham, Hudson and Windham, NH. Lots of climbing with great scenic views and screaming descents.
In the event of rain, please check the website by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the ride.  If you are not a CRW member, please sign the online ride waiver. WE WILL HAVE A FEW CUE SHEETS AT THE RIDE'S BEGINNING. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU PRINT OFF YOUR OWN COPY. THANK YOU

Saturday - June 8, 2019
Ride Start: Parking Lot, Beacon St, Newton, 1172 Beacon Street, Newton, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 10:30 a.m. (with social option 9:45a-10:15a at next-door Dunkin Donuts)
RWGPS Links: 25 mile route   
Leader(s): lisa_n
Description: Enjoy this delightful 25 mile ride that includes Newton, Wellesley, Needham and Dover. The hills are not challenging and the starting point has free parking (it's in the back of a condo building).  Everyone goes at their own pace (this is not a 'no drop' ride). Please note: you can use GPS (e.g., Ride with GPS or Garmin) or print out your own cue sheet if you want one (there won't be any copies at the ride start).  Social option before the ride from 10:15a-10:45a to say hello and fuel up at Dunkin Donuts (a 2-minute walk from the ride start, at 1148 Beacon St., Newton). I will be there with my helmet on the table :)    
Lisa's cell # 617-299-1620 (text preferred, but can call)
For possible weather-related cancelation, check this website 9a or after on the day of the ride. The ride is on unless it is listed as canceled at 9a the day of the ride.
For Ride with GPS: (1) install the Ride with GPS app on your mobile phone (it can be a free account); (2) open Google on your phone, navigate to, and locate this ride in the ride calendar; (3) click the map below and download it; (4) open the download within Ride with GPS. (5) become familiar with Ride with GPS prior to the ride. 

Sunday - June 9, 2019
Ride Start: Bedford VA Hospital, 200 Springs Rd, Bedford, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 10 am for 27 & 45 miles
RWGPS Links: 27 mile route    45 mile route   
Leader(s): jdodd
Description: Join us for a lovely warm spring ride through quiet roads of Bedford, Concord, and Carlisle with Westford and Acton also included for the longer route.   This is a ride-at-your-own-pace ride.   The lunch stop for both routes is Ferns Country Store in Carlisle.  The route has been modified from previous years and is Not Arrowed.  Please print a cue sheet and bring it with you.   There are no facilities at the start of the ride, but there is a McDonalds about 2 miles from the start on Rt. 4 in Bedford.  
The ride may be cancelled due to bad weather.    A cancellation notice will be posted by 8am on the day of the ride.   

Saturday - June 15, 2019
Ride Start: Marshfield High School, 167 Forest Street, Marshfield, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:30 for 28 and 41
RWGPS Links: 28 mile route    41 mile route   
Leader(s): John O'Dowd
Description: Your mission is to find the long lost Myles Standish Monument. Rumor has it the pilgrims hid it atop a remote hilltop. We will cruise by Kingston and Duxbury bays and explore the back roads of Pembroke and Marshfield. The long ride adds Humarock beach. Both rides pass through Marshfield Hills. You can climb the monument and take in the view. There is a coffee/treat stop at French Memories in Duxbury, or you can stop for an ice cream treat at Humarock.
Please arrive early for ride instructions so we can leave on time. For the long route there will be a fast paced 16-17 mph average group. No paced group for the short route. Ask ride leader about 3 mile Humarock bonus loop!
*Note new start location!*

Marshfield high School

Only short route is fully arrowed

Saturday - June 22, 2019
Ride Start: Cornells Irish Pub, 229 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 10:00 am for 25, 38 and 50 hilly miles
RWGPS Links: 25 mile route    37 mile route    55 mile route   
Leader(s): Eli Post
Description: The ride encompases scenic country roads in Hopkinton, Upton and Southborough that will charm you. You will feel you are riding through a state forest, and you will be. And it is hilly. The 38 and 55 mile options have about the same climb (in feet per mile) as Climb to the Clouds. We start at a genuine Irish Pub so you can enjoy pizza on us after the ride. The 25 mile option is less hilly but still a challenge. Note that the route is not marked and GPS navigation is recommended.
Ride Notes:
The short splits off at mile 6.4 and the medium splits off at mile 12.1.

The short has a rest stop at mile 13.1 (porta-john in State Forest)

The medium has a rest stop at mile 26.2 (porta-john in State Forest)

The long has a food stop at mile 30.5 and a rest stop at mile 42.9 (porta-john in State Forest)
The ride is on. The forecast for Saturday is mostly sunny with highs in the upper 70's. A perfect day for riding.

Saturday - June 22, 2019
Ride Start: Channelside Lot Parking, 45 Binford Street, South Boston, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: Start at 5:30 a.m. for 126 miles
RWGPS Links: 126 mile route   
Leader(s): Ellen Gugel, Chris Tweed
Description: Bike from Boston to Provincetown and return to Boston by ferry. This ride is a CRW tradition going back 35 years. The ride is 126 miles and is considered rolling. It goes from the urbans of Boston to the hills of Plymouth to the Cape Cod Rail Trail to the sand dunes of Truro and Provincetown and more. Heading out of Boston, expect light traffic as the sun rises over Dorchester Bay.
The return by ferry is part of the experience providing views of Provincetown and Boston from the water. The ferry schedules provide choices allowing people to have dinner before returning if they choose. Staying overnight and returning the next day is another option (but no baggage service provided). Catching the earlier ferries can put you back in Boston around 5:00 p.m. From the ferry docks, it is less than 2 miles back to the parking lot. If you plan on one of the later ferries, bring a light for the return. Parking is $5/day. Overnight parking is allowed.
This is an unsupported ride but food stops on the route include Dunkin' Donuts in Plymouth around mile 40, Friendly's at mile 60 just before the Sagamore Bridge, Barnstable Market and Nirvana Coffee at mile 75 in Barnstable on Route 6A, Hot Chocolate Sparrow right off the bike path in Orleans at mile 95, and other options along the way.
The Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway Company has a morning and afternoon bus departing Provincetown for South Station with stops providing bailout points (e.g., Hyannis, Sagamore) in the event that someone may need to shorten their ride. The Cape Cod Flyer train departs Hyannis for South Station at 6:40 p.m.. Cue sheets, ferry and bus schedules will be handed out at the ride start. As always, monitor the ride description on the CRW website for any changes or additional information.
The ride is no charge. Return transportation, food and water are not provided and are the responsibility of riders. The high speed ferries take 1.5 hours to return to Boston. Note: It will be dark in Boston when the 7:30 and 8:30 ferries arrive. Bay State Cruise Company: $72 (including bike) @3:00 and 7:30. Boston Harbor Cruises: $70 (including bike) @4:00 and 8:30. See links below.

Sunday - June 23, 2019
Ride Start: Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History, 241 Wellesley St, Weston, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:30 AM for 45 miles, 10:00 AM for 29 miles
RWGPS Links: 28 mile route    45 mile route   
Leader(s): John Allen
Description: The short ride travels through Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Concord and Lincoln; the long ride adds Acton and Carlisle. The lunch stop is in Concord Center. The terrain is rolling.
There will be post-ride refreshments on the lawn at the Spellman Museum following the ride. The museum will be open after the ride
This ride has traditionally been arrowed but due to delay in delivery of paint, it may not be arrowed this year. Cue sheets and GPS are available. Arrows for this ride (if it is arrowed) are headless (just a line) and so turns are indicated by angling them at 45 degrees to the right or left of straight ahead. Arrowing stops just short of Concord Center due to Concord's concern with arrow pollution; departure from Concord center is east on Route 2A, then take first right. The cue sheet for the short ride includes a map of Concord Center. Cue sheets handed out at the ride start will be printed back to back, so you can choose either ride length.

Saturday - June 29, 2019
Ride Start: Cutler Park Reservation, 112 Kendrick St, Needham, MA (map)
Ride Type: Cue sheet, GPS
Times and Routes: 9:30 for 54 and 45 miles, 10:00 for 35 miles
RWGPS Links: 37 mile route    45 mile route    54 mile route   
Leader(s): Marc Cohen, Kathy Horvath
Description: Long ride is a rolling romp through Needham, Dover, Westwood, Medfield, Walpole, Norfolk, Wrentham, Millis, Sherborn, Natick.  45 mile skips Mirror Lake.  35 mile is on more familiar, but always pretty roads.
Ride is ON

Sunday - June 30, 2019
Ride Start: Duck Feeding Area, 148 Norumbega Rd, Weston, MA (map)
Ride Type: Arrowed, Follow the leader, GPS, Intro, Map
Times and Routes: 2:00 PM for 12 miles, with stops at historic sites: about 3 hours
RWGPS Links: 14 mile route   
Leader(s): John Allen, Larry Finison
Description: Take an easy ride, about 14 miles among bicycle-related historical sites with Larry Finison, author of the acclaimed books Boston's Cycling Craze, 1880-1900 and Boston's Twentieth Century Bicycling Renaissance. Visit and learn where bicycles were built, where bicyclists by the hundreds hung out and picnicked by the Charles River, and about Waltham's former bicycle racetrack. We will ride in a group -- nobody will be left behind.