Wednesday Wheelers

A group that enjoys exploring a variety of scenic routes, mostly in the western suburbs but also to the north or south. Occasionally we do an urban exploration. We always include a lunch stop, either during or at the end of the ride. In the winter we may substitute other activities, such as cross-country skiing. Always on Wednesdays, except when it's not. We stay together, following the leader for the day, while being careful not to drop anyone. On a rural ride of average hilliness, the pace is 15 to 17 mph on the flats, but slows considerably on the hills, so we wind up with a rolling average of about 13 mph. In fairness to the group, we require that prospective riders be capable of maintaining this pace. Distances are typically between 30 and 40 miles.

Non-members may participate in two CRW rides and must fill out our release form before the ride.  You will not need to fill out the printed form at the ride.

If you would like to join CRW, go to our membership form.

For more information, click here.

If interested, contact the helengreitzer [at] (subject: Interested%20in%20Wednesday%20Wheelers, body: Please%20indicate%20your%20interest%20and%20current%20riding%20style%20and%20pace.) (Wednesday Wheeler coordinator,)helengreitzer [at] (subject: Interested%20in%20the%20Wednesday%20Wheelers) ( Helen Greitzer).  As part of becoming a Wednesday Wheeler, you will be required to agree to the WW Safety Agreement.

You can follow the Wheelers on Facebook or on the Wheeler blog.