I've never ridden with CRW - what ride should I start with?

  • The Saturday rides tend to be shorter and a slower paced than the Sunday rides. Some Saturday rides include an option to join a "follow-the-leader" group where the whole group stays together at a moderate (~13 mph) pace.
  • The Sunday rides tend to attract more riders and have longer routes. They are all arrowed during the regular season so you don't have to look at a cue sheet -- you just follow the arrows painted on the ground. On a beautiful Sunday in June, we may get as many as 150 riders. We try to stagger the start and people ride at their own pace, following the arrows. Some people ride > 20 mph in a paceline, others go at 13 or 15 mph and can ride with other people going the same pace if they want.
  • The weeknight and Saturday "fitness" rides attract faster riders. Here too we try to stagger the start so the fastest (20+ mph) riders go out first. Many people will ride 15-17 mph. The best thing to do is to try a few rides and see what works best for you. Sometimes the leaders are quite busy before a ride but if not, feel free to go up and tell them you're new. They may be able to hook you up with someone or give you some useful advice.