CRW Rides are open to members and limited guests. Guests may only attend two rides before joining.
All riders (both Members and Guests) must REGISTER

Register here:

If a rider has not pre-registered, that rider must do so online at the start of the ride. 

The online registration will include a liability waiver that all riders will need to review and accept. 

The online registration will also require all riders to review CRW’s Safety and COVID Guidelines and to agree to follow those guidelines on the ride.


Join us for a social hour on Zoom as we raffle the final prizes for those who finished the 2022 Winter Challenge.
Meeting ID: 840 8410 8736
Passcode: 067808

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st round raffle.  This will be the final raffle for the winter program. 

Name Rides Category Raffle #
Jean-claude Castelein 8 Outdoor 1 - *winner
Mike Laurin 3 Outdoor 2 - *winner
Jessica Piwowarski 4 Outdoor 3 - *winner
Joel Bauman 39.9 Zwift 4 - *winner
Dana Brown 33.53 Zwift 5 - *winner
Steve Carlson 36 Zwift 6 - *winner
Tom Cooper 26.53 Zwift 7 - *winner
Dmitry Gorenburg 28.53 Zwift 8 - *winner
Timothy Muehleisen 43.85 Zwift 9 - *winner
John O'Dowd 43.07 Zwift 11 - *winner
Alex Rodin 31.07 Zwift 12 - *winner
David Larrabee 25 Peloton 13 - *winner
Amy Juodawlkis 24 Unplugged 14 - *winner
Richard Taylor 57 Unplugged 15 - *winner


*Contact Martin Hayes on Slack or by email to claim your prize (martin.hayes [at]

Date: Monday Apr 11, 2022

Click HERE for descriptions of the ride types.


registered riders