CRW Rides are open to members and limited guests. Guests may only attend two rides during the calendar year.
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If a rider has not pre-registered, that rider must do so online at the start of the ride. 

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The online registration will also require all riders to review CRW’s Safety and COVID Guidelines and to agree to follow those guidelines on the ride.


Join the All Nighter Zwift party! No, it's not an all nighter. This should take an hour tops. Join in the fun in the dazzling city of Nyokeo in the Makuri Islands of Zwift. It's a 15 mile loop with 4 sprints and one KOM challenge. But if you don't want to push yourself, don't worry. I'll have it on "rubberband" so if you want to keep it casual you won't get dropped. Make sure you follow me on Zwift (J. O'Dowd (CRW)) so I can invite you, and set up Discord for the CRW Zwift channel so we can talk during the ride! 

The Discord club server is linked below.

You can find a quick primer for using Discord on Zwift Insider.

Date: Saturday Jan 8, 2022
10:00 am
Ride Leader(s): 

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