CRW Logo—Call for Designs

As announced in two recent weekly Chain Link newsletters (May 20 & 27), the Club has formed a committee to oversee the adoption of a new or updated CRW logo. The next phase in the process is to solicit candidate designs from the membership. We know that there are talented members in our club and hope you are up to jumping headlong into this challenge!

Here are the guidelines for designs that members may submit. Designs should:

  • Convey Club history, diversity, and future in keeping with our mission and values
  • Include, but not be limited, to the main logo, “companions” for social media icons/badges (remaining clear in 20–40 pixel square formats), and versions suitable for kit, clothing, merchandise, and banners
  • Employ bold, clear, clean lines that are easily recognized at a distance and print on different materials
  • Use a unique color palette different from nearby clubs; colors can be used individually or in combination
  • Work as a single color with solid or transparent background


  • Due by email to Jeff Dieffenbach at deepbrook [at] no later than Monday 16 August 2021
  • Reference the content of this "elaboration template"
  • Must be original work or work with no intellectual property ownership by others
  • May include an optional write-up explaining their designs
  • Are donated to the Club free of charge to use as the Club sees fit
  • Are preferred but not required to be final or even near-final artwork (a sketch could be sufficient) in appropriate digital file formats; the Club may work with a designer to modify submissions within reason and create them in their final form

If the committee receives an overabundance of qualifying submissions, we plan to narrow down to 3–5 options that will be put to the membership for a vote. Please note that the CRW Board reserves the right to make final approval of the winning design should that design not be appropriate.


Questions about the process may be submitted to Jeff at the email address in the Submissions section above. As noted in the Chain Link announcements, we have submissions including the current logo with “companions” for social media. But, we want your designs! We look forward to seeing the creativity of our Club membership expand on the current submissions.




The CRW Logo Design Oversight Committee

  • Judi Burten
  • Margaret Coughlin
  • Jeff Dieffenbach, Chair
  • Rami Haddad, Club President
  • Rob Keohane
  • Ankit Parikh
  • Nina Siegel
  • Jerry Skurla