Yes, We Get No Shirts in 2020

Eli Post

This is not a complaint. So many have encountered extreme difficulties during this Covid-19 pandemic that my issue is trivial at best. Yet the end or even a break in a long standing tradition is somewhat distressful.

I have been a CRW volunteer for a great many years. My reward has always been creating a good experience for others, but the club also provides a T-shirt to its century volunteers. Not only do I have a large stash of CRW shirts, but to my recollection, I have not purchased a T-shirt in almost a quarter of a century. Climb to the Clouds was cancelled and I just learned that there will be no Fall Century. That means no T-shirts this year. While this is not a crisis now, it is a break in the supply chain which could have consequences down the line.

Not only will there be no addition to my collection, but I will also not know what color the shirt would have been. This is a painful departure from the past, and I wonder what my options are.

There are many custom T-shirt vendors on the Web and I could order a one-of-kind shirt for myself. I have the design skills and could make a look alike shirt that would pass for the real thing. However, this might stir envy and questioning from others who also missed getting a shirt. Now I could order a few dozen shirts and give them out to my friends so mine was not unique, but I would be creating an exclusive group within the club which is counter to my beliefs. I suppose I could order several dozen shirts and distribute them to past volunteers but that feels beyond my responsibilities. Does anyone have a suggestion for me, and don’t tell me to go shopping on Amazon.