Woman's Ride

Eli Post


The club ran a successful woman's ride on Sunday September 26, 2021  as part of its effort to provide ride opportunities for under-represented demographics in CRW.  Women-only rides are a way of encouraging women to get involved in group rides by offering them a comfortable setting. It is noted that 4 of the 7 guests joined the club by the following day. Leaders were Amy Juodawlkis, Lindy King, and Robyn Betts.


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One of the riders, Megan Scully, summed up the ride with an inspiring statement: "The Apple Social ride was an empowering, inspiring and overall fun experience. Several new members expressed a feeling of ease starting to partake in group rides in a women’s only setting. I am excited to see the women’s program grow, therefore strengthening CRW as a whole.”
Another rider, Argo C. said " It was serendipitous that I found out about this inaugural ride for women with CRW.  I love to bike, but more so with other people. I’ve been looking for ways to connect with other bikers - to meet new people, for the joy of riding together, to get more experience and know-how, etc.  This Sunday morning group ride with ten other women through twenty beautiful backroad miles of Westford was the ultimate find!  The donuts and cider were admittedly cherries on top, but the best part for me was the feeling of being part of a team of sorts again.  Needless to say, I joined CRW that afternoon.  Thank you to the organizers, Amy and Robyn (and others!), for bringing this together.
Now let's hear from the ride leaders:
From Robyn:
What a tremendously fun ride with a great group of women!  We were lucky to have excellent weather, two lovely routes, and a delicious ending where we could fill up our brand new CRW water bottles with local cider and feast on cider donuts.
Amy orchestrated the whole event, and Lindy generously offered to lead the longer 40 mi, without which we'd have not had the attendance we did. We also had much needed help from two other members of the women's program committee:  Lyda Budrys, who helped on the 40-mile ride and scouted the 20-mile route with Amy; and Suzan Czajkowski, who helped with logistics at the orchard while riders were out on the road, which was super helpful. It was a great team effort!
On the 20 miler, almost everyone was on their very first CRW ride and came out for this one (I think 7 people said this was their first ride with the club).  How cool is that? Some had even been members for years, but had never joined a group ride before today. We stayed together the whole time and it was a nice social atmosphere. We had a follow-up zoom call that week to raffle off CRW socks, do a demo of our Slack environment to foster continued connection, and keep the momentum going. We hung out, talked about riding and everything under the sun, and generally had a blast!
We're hoping to have a large women's contingent come out for the 10/10 Lexington (Social) Revolutions ride for some more fun. Join us!"

From Lindy

I put together a longer ride option for women who wanted to ride a little faster and further than the 20 mile route Amy devised.  We had an earlier 8:30 AM chilly start so we could rendezvous with the 20 milers at Drew Farms for cider donuts, cold drinks and festivities. The hills helped to warm us up. We rode along really well and stopped to regroup periodically which allowed us several opportunities to socialize during the ride.  It was so much fun I don’t think anyone minded stopping at all!  Although the biggest hill on the route started at mile 38, there was not one woman who complained or wanted to bypass the climb up Granteville Rd. in Westford.


From Amy:

It was definitely a team effort! I also want to recognize Drew Farm for welcoming us so enthusiastically (it helps that the owner is also a cyclist)! The Women’s Program Committee looks forward to creating more rides and social events to meet and encourage new and seasoned women cyclists.