Winter Ride Challenge - Results

Steve Carlson


The following report was sent to participants in the Winter Ride Challenge. The venture attracted a great many members and was a success by any measure. It will be back next year.


Good Day Fellow Winter Riders!

Spring officially started on March 20, so sadly, we felt it was time to put an end to our Charles River Wheelers Winter Challenge.  Yes, CRW’s winter is officially over!!


But what a winter we had!  Miles, Elevation, Fitness and Shots ..kind-of sums it up, right?


I am totally impressed with how this team of hardy riders responded to the challenge.  We had 220 participants with nearly everyone logging at least a few miles.  


Yeap, we burned up the road for a total of 106,478 miles.  That is 3.7 times around the planet earth!  That mileage was split up between 125 road riders at 57,733 miles and 95 trainer riders for 48,744 miles.  Trainers won the average with 728 miles per person, verses road riders with an average 583 miles per person.  


Not everyone found those flat routes, either!   We hit 3,061,007 feet in elevation gain which is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest a total of 105 times.  Phew!!


When we announced the challenge, the club promised the first 100 registrants that signed up AND who hit 150 miles by the end of March, would receive a special edition tee-shirt.  This would give everyone a chance to ride when you found the weather windows or as your schedule permitted.  68% of the registants hit over 150 miles!!  


The member sign-up sequences and mileage were recorded.   Please click HERE to see all results and to see if you have that shirt coming your way!!   If you did not snag a shirt, please start preparing for next winter (did I say that?) and sign up earlier!  With the challenge just completed, expect the shirts to arrive in the next 3 weeks or so. Oh, I added a few random raffle winners for the lucky for you!


BTW, everyone was totally in, but I must say, Barry Nelson with 2,427 road miles and Richard Taylor with 3,877 trainer miles took top mileage honors and full bragging rights.  They will be awarded with an event coffee mug along with their tee shirts. Guys, please kick-up your feet and relax with a nice cup of joe in your glory earned it!  But, absolutely a great job by all!


I hope we can expand the outreach next year and double the involvement and the prizes, but for now, let’s be thankful winter is over.


Special shout out to David Cooper for the shirt design and Jack Donohue for the technical support!


Hope to see you on the road soon,
Steve Carlson, Event Coordinator


Steve Carlson is currently serving his second term on the Board.





I love my new shirt! Thanks, Steve, David and Jack Happy Spring cycling!

Super Ellen...catch you on the road soon!
Phillip Stern's picture

The winter ride program was fun and the T-shirt was a nice bonus. I love the purple color and the material is so soft. I wore it several days straight (made possible by the pandemic WFH ?).

TMI Phil....Just kidding, glad you liked the shirt, well deserved I might add!