Winter Ride Challenge has Launched!

Steve Carlson


CRW's first ever Winter Ride Challenge was launched on January 1st. 220 members have signed up for the challenge and all are now fully engaged. We will enjoy watching our miles (and our holiday calorie burn-off) rachet upward on our leaderboard!  Please see homepage to enter rides or view the leaderboard.

We must admit, we are delighted and suprised by the welcomed response. We have 127 road riders bundling up to face the cold and 93 basement, I mean trainers - sweating it out, staying fit and having fun with fellow CRW members. The challenge will run until March 31, so please keep working hard and logging those miles.  Please do not comingle road and training miles as we would like to use this data to understand our members interests and develop further winter programs.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot to mention; many of you have told us you would do nearly anything for a free CRW t-shirt. Good news, you will get that t-shirt if you were one of the first 100 to sign up and ride 150 miles between now and March 31.

Everything counts, even miles away from home! Let’s just log’em as you burn’em to keep the leaderboard up to date. 

We will have more to report as the Challenge progresses and thank you for your participation.







The winter ride challenge has been a great program, and has been fun to watch the leaderboard. Would be great to hear a debrief at the end from some of the top mileage riders blowing us all away, about what tricks and gear they used to stay warm and dry on long rides. I would also like to hear what folks are doing to carry enough water on long rides and keep it from freezing. I am also curious if anyone else is doing it on a fixed-gear? Although I admit some of my miles have been on a tandem... Maybe a geared and fixed category in the future? :) Thanks! Jeff Roth

Hi Jeff, It has been much fun indeed! Yes, I will be publishing a wrap-up article with some achievements and statistics. As the event ends March 31, It may not hit until May WP due to deadlines, but I will send out a letter to the membership prior. I hope others will chime in here with their tips/questions you referenced. For the water, my tip..start with warm/hot water in your supplemental bottle and you should be fine.

Thanks, Steve! Sounds good! Might be useful to poll folks before the challenge ends, ask for winter cycling advice, then send out in the newsletter so others can learn winter skills to get out riding while the weather is still cold. I would be happy to provide my suggestions. :)