Winter Ride Challenge

John O'Dowd


Winter is coming, but that's no excuse to kick back on the couch and binge watch Netflix. CRW is throwing down the gauntlet (or cycling glove)! How many miles can you ride over the next four months. (Dec. 1st to March 31st)? The goal is 1700 miles, the distance from the Mighty Squirrel brewery to Key West, FL. Along the way we've picked some sunny, sandy milestones to measure your progress against:

      Surf City, NJ: 310 miles

      Virginia Beach, Virginia: 580 miles

      Myrtle beach, SC: 870 miles

     Daytona Beach, FL: 1260 miles


Members Only

This is a "members only" event. Mileage can be accumulated starting December 1st by riding indoors or outdoors, and will be recorded by accepting the Strava challenge.


To join the challenge, register HERE and follow “Martin Hayes (CRW)” on Strava.


If you are not on Strava you may enter your mileage by manually typing it in HERE 


Honor System

Note that this contest is on the honor system so please be truthful about actual miles ridden. Finally, on Saturday April 1st (no fooling!) join us for a beach party at the Mighty Squirrel.  Those who make it all the way to Key West are entered in a raffle to win a CRW cycling cap!


So stock up on the sports drinks, you have a lot of pedaling to do!