Winter Beach Ride

Gene Ho


We've all heard and repeated the oldest joke in biking:  While we are struggling up a steep hill, some show-off whizzes by.  We yell out "Hey I wanna tow". 


Of course, you can't actually tow someone on a bike.  Or can you?


We found the answer to this critical question on a recent Saturday ride at Revere Beach.  Ride Headquarters organized a mixed terrain ride there under the full moon. Patria Vandemark, owner of Ride Headquarters, led.


While it rained lightly on the commute to the start, it stopped on schedule just before we set out and the full moon appeared about half an hour in. Video Night Riding


Never having biked on beach sand before, it turned out to be a surprisingly stable surface, especially for fat bikes which we were all riding.  But, most of our route was below the line of trucked in sand and on the natural shore line which is rock.  Lots of rocks.


Also, lots of shifting as the rocky terrain undulated and sporadic boulders appeared.  During one of the transitions, Ben's derailleur caught a spoke and snapped its hanger off the frame.  

Patria, the ride leader, removed the derailleur and shortened the chain but no amount of persuasion could keep the chain on the gears. Plan B:  tow the bike and its rider back.

You can see how it turned out: Video Towing


The towing scenes were taken on the road where it was stable enough to hold the camera.  Much of the towing happened on the rocks.  We were all amazed at how it worked.

Patria's bike has one helluva engine on it.




The individual photos that comprise the animation can be viewed HERE 


Eugene Ho is a CRW member who lives in Newton. Gene, both in his professional life and personal life, spends much of his time spinning his wheels and riding around in circles.












Eugene, that was indeed an eventful ride! (Speaking as the guy being towed.) Patria is quite a powerful engine and innovator when some of those in the rides she's leading forget their repair stuff. (And I bought three of those darn derailleur hangers the next day!) The key was Patria having two fat bike tubes to loop together, as one would have been too short.