Wheels of Change (WOC) & The WŌC Project

Randolph Williams
Please hold July 18/19 for
Wheels of Change (WOC) & The WŌC Project
[sounds & acts like woke or spoke] Be WŌC.  Get WŌC


We’re looking for riders and volunteers for this historic event.

Come join the Wheels of Change – a project that sprouted this month when a few local cyclists sought a way to support the abolition of racism and the awakening of an anti-racist America.
From July 18-19, the Wheels of Change ride will spell out “Black Lives Matter” from New York to Maine (via Strava).


Interested in riding? 

The route runs from New York to Portland, Maine along the coast.  Ride, jog, or walk the part of the route that works best for you. We will make routes downloadable, by letter, on multiple platforms.  See the latest route information on the Wheels of Change website.

We will aggregate on Strava into one glorious graphic from all riders at the end of two days. Participants will need to join the Wheels of Change Strava group which will be available 6/27 when our website goes up. 

Go to www.WheelsOfChange.net for more information. Or sign up here.

Note: This is not a fundraising ride. This ride is primarily for visibility.

Interested in helping?

A ride of this magnitude relies heavily on the support of volunteers to recruit riders, publicize the event, map the route, and support riders.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities are sign up to help here.

And start spreading the word to your local cycling group and bike shops!

Notes about the Wheels of Change ride

  1. This ride is not a CRW group ride.
  2. All participants are encouraged to follow safe practices, such as maintaining appropriate social distancing and wearing masks when appropriate. Maintain at least six feet of space between you and other riders and pedestrians, especially when stopped at intersections or when passing on the road or trail. Avoiding popular/crowded paths and trail networks is also key.
  3. We may affiliate with other platforms (e.g. Strava) and other media & partners and/or support other events where riders could count WŌC miles toward other goals.  But we have a small team and limited ability to vet all options so will not be endorsing other events.  We are with you in spirit.