Wheels of Change Report


This report was provided by the Wheels of Change Committee.

The WOC mission was to inspire and support positive action toward a non-racist society and telegraph it to space by writing BLACK LIVES MATTER in a 1500 mile course from NY to ME. The team built an entirely new interface to accomplish what is believed to be the largest and most expansive Geo Art ever using Strava. Despite brutal heat and humidity, we recorded 380 participants, over 500 athletic activities and 800 people joined the WOC Strava Club to publicly say, “I’m with this and Black Lives Matter.”  Many more were out there but unable to record (should there be a WOC 2.0 we’ll make it simpler for all to join). Together we created the below heat map (more details GeoArtMap here). We also recorded activities from around the nation, including someone who spelled BLM while kayaking. It was powerful to accomplish this safely during the Covid crisis. It was even more gratifying to hear individual stories of peaceful and positive engagement. We hope our expanding circle shares the sense of hope for accelerated change toward a just and equitable society