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CRW Communications Committee
10 Years Ago - September 2009
Unlike in 2019, the Climb To The Clouds on July 19, 2009 had “the best weather we have ever had” for the 730 riders who rode routes of 50, 60, 80, 90, or 100 miles. The summit of Mount Wachusett was closed for construction, but riders were able to climb up Mile Hill Road to the Visitors Center. Among the ride listings for September was a reminder that the Mayor’s Cup race (RIP) around Government Center would be taking place on September 26. 2009 mileage through July was 145,811, and John Bayley sat atop the leaderboard with 7,038 miles for the year. 
25 Years Ago - September 1994
The September 1994 edition contained a ride report from one of CRW’s founding fathers, Ralph W. Galen. This ride report was the 21st and final installment chronicling Ralph’s two year journey around the world, covering the distance between Orlando, FL and Somerville. Jack Donohue offered a tip for those missing handlebar plugs: use a wine cork. This helpful article even offered pairing advice (“... if you have a vintage Peugeot, this might merit a Bourdeaux of similar vintage. Owners of fine domestic bikes (Trek, Cannondale) might try a nice California Cabernet Sauvignon.”) 1994 mileage through July was 175,358, and John Bayley sat atop the leaderboard with 10,121 miles for the year. 
50 Years Ago - September 1969
CRW riders canceled the leisure ride scheduled for Sunday, September 7, 1969 in order to ride with members of the International Bicycle Touring Society in the greater Boston area and around Cape Cod. Sunday, September 14, 1969 was National Century Day, and Norman Satterthwaite and Stuart Bradford led CRW’s efforts from Cambridge out to Ayer, Fitchburg, and through Townsend State Forest. Two weeks later, on Saturday, September 27, Bruce Bailey led an out-and-back double century to Cape Cod via New Bedford that departed from Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge at 12am. CRW did not begin collecting member mileage until 1980, so you’ll have to wait until 2030 for totals to appear in this space.