Vote on revising CRW governance documents

The CRW Board proposes a revision of its Governance Documents.  The changes include revisions to the Bylaws, acceptance of a new club Mission Statement and Values Statement, and repeal of the CRW Constitution.  If approved, the applicable portions of the CRW Constitution are being folded into the CRW Bylaws.  The Board recommends that CRW members approve the repeal of the current CRW Constitution.  The Board has approved a revised set of Bylaws subject to the vote of the CRW members.  By voting yes, CRW members are simultaneously accepting the revison of CRW's Bylaws and rescinding the CRW Constitution.  To pass, this measure requires 2/3 of those voting to approve.  For a full discussion of all the proposed changes and to see the actual documents, please view the Proposed CRW Governance Revisions.


We hosted a Zoom CRW Member Meeting on July 13th to answer member questions.  If you missed this meeting, you are welcome to view a recording.


And most importantly, please cast your VOTE!  The voting will be live from July 13th through August 2nd.  If 2/3 of the members voting approve the recission of the CRW Constitution, the new CRW Bylaws will be considered to be approved as well.

The CRW Board has approved these changes and recommends that Members ratify them. We believe that the revised Governance documents will simplify and improve the overall board governance process.