Upload Your Photos

WheelPeople Editors

Cell phones are ubiquitous and most have built in cameras making us amateur photographers and collectors. In fact some folks have many thousands of photos stored on their phones. Well it’s time to share, and we set up a page on the club’s website where you can upload any bike related images. This is your chance to get  photos up on the web and proudly let your friends know about it. Moreover we might use your photo in an email to the membership or in an article in our newsletter. So you also have a chance to be published and if so we will be sure to credit you. If you can take a photo that captures the magic of biking, we encourage you to upload it. This is not a contest but an effort to assemble worthy photos and let members share that experience

There’s a link to the page under the members section or you can go directly there https://www.crw.org/member-photo-library In any case this service is for members only so you need to be logged in. We made it easy but if you have a question or run into trouble you can contact editor [at] crw.org



Thomas Allen's picture

Unable to upload a photo. The Add Photo link tells me I must be logged in when I already am. Can't get past that hurdle. (Safari on MacOS 11.1)