Rami Haddad


This was orignally an email to the membership. We are repeating it here to secure the widest possible circulation.


The Board seeks to refresh the club media kit of logo, colors, & font with the goals of consistent use, easy association with the club across media & gear, and recognizable clear bold lines & colors.


Logos are the face of organizations used to visually communicate our unique identity, activities, & services. Logos create a first impression of an organization and express its values. CRW has had the same logo for many years and it has served the club well. But times are changing, with new concerns and objectives. The current logo shows three riders, and we wanted to move away from an image of individual riders to a focus on the larger cycling community.


As we expanded the club's presence on social media, we found requirements to apply the logo in small icons, club profile, wide banners, & event pictures. The current logo, with its fine intricate lines & intertwined shapes, becomes distorted in smaller sizes and in many digital formats. Similarly, we wanted to produce custom club gear with a distinct color scheme, recognizable logo, & feasible manufacturing options. Intricate, complex lines in the current logo make it difficult to print, stitch, or engrave. In addition, the use of five colors in the current logo can be costly to print as each color adds a fee. Consequently, we have often resorted to being creative in slightly adjusting the logo to fit manufacturing needs, reducing the consistency of truly one logo.


A task group of graphic designers, Board members, & volunteers met over several weeks to exchange ideas, concepts, & approaches. Below are the results of their hard work. We are grateful for their time, energy, & creativity. While we understand that no design effort will please everyone, we hope all members will be excited and inspired by their resulting product.

In March we made a soft launch of a new logo to see how it worked & get preliminary feedback. It appears that the new logo has generated a generally favorable reaction so the Board is moving to the next step.


The full deck that explains the design concept is available at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jfZTOVujIsZzeJ_tTxqviRaMOXQ7-Jh_cq-8-BdTlHU


We request your feedback & thoughts about this new media kit through a poll. Please take a moment to complete this form https://forms.office.com/r/sRNt3BmJVX


This survey will close on Friday 30 April 2021. The Board will then vote on the new design during our meeting on 10 May 2021.




I like the blue with white CRW.