Town Route Collections

CRW has started a new initiative to offer routes during the Covid-19 crises. These routes are organized by town, and several towns are already available in Collections. Many other Town Collections are in preparation. To view the existing Town Collections go to

The CRW Town Collections provide you with an easy opportunity to find routes in a town of your choosing. During the Covid-19 crises many are riding solo and this feature provides you with multiple opportunities to ride. All of the routes are in the CRW Ride With GPS Club, and if you are a member you get free turn-by-turn directions. We are at work adding additional Town Collections, and check this page again if your town is not listed. Or if you are interested in creating a Collection, please contact Susan Glass at susanjglass [at] () for more information on how to get started.

For more information you can reference n August WheelPeople article