Rami Haddad




Thank you all who offered their time, energy, & support to volunteer for the Club this year.


It became clear—if anyone had doubts before—the amount of passion there is around our club. People take their precious time to do things for the club, mobilize their friends and contacts, share their ideas and thoughts on what they believe the club should do and be. Like you have shown, CRW matters.


There is always hope your energy will contaminate more people. The future you represent is what will make CRW a better club.


The Board voted to award those that have taken extra measures to dedicate their time to the Club:

A. Amy Juodawlkis built a big following for the gravel program & orchestrated several Women events, always with the riders' great experience in mind.

B. Robyn Betts, volunteer of the year, prepared professional quality leader training then launched the Women program to a new level of activity & excitement.

C. Barbara Jacobs dedicated a full season of active Thursday weekly rides with huge following, social activities, & member engagement, which extended to Lexington Social Revolutions ride at times.

D. André Wolff enriched CRW with the Devo program: winter virtual rides, webinars, climbing challenges with the hype of “winning the coveted KOM socks”, very successful Mighty Squirrel rides and his invaluable ability to open the club to new, diverse riders of all ages, abilities and ethnicities.

E. Randall Nelson-Peterman organized our first century in two years, under difficult circumstances, finished with big success enjoyed by 400 members.


Thank you,

Rami رامي 拉美