Escape Providence to enjoy extended smoothly paved trail for 30km inside a green tunnel of trees & farms. Hop onto narrow country roads to reach Foster Country Club. We stop for late lunch, likely around 14:00.

Bring extra snacks to eat on the train. Lunch will be late mid way through the ride, likely around 14:00. Several sandwich, vegetarian, burger, & salad options available. There are few other stops or facilities along the way. Carry extra water & snacks accordingly.

We continue on more fun & scenic roads until we reach providence likely by 16:30. Those who want to return early can sprint to catch the train at 16:55. Others can stay for a tour around town & dinner before an evening train at 19:04.

Expect one or two short sections of gravel. No special bicycles or tires needed.

No big hills to climb. Several small rolling hills for a total less than 1,000m ascent.

This will be self-guided tour, even though we will try to stay together as a group. Bring GPS device, phone with navigation apps, or cue sheets for the routes you plan to ride. We will not provide them.

Bring small handlebar bag to carry extra clothes, gear, snacks, USB battery, lights, & hydration tablets.

T Time rides are those that combine train & ferry public transport service around Boston. T could mean train, tour, or a cup of tea. The idea is to reach routes far from city center or take one-way routes. These rides are often leisurely tours for a full day that allows several stops to take pictures, rest on the town green, dip in the water, & sample bakeries.

Car: drive to Providence. Parking is available at train station & around. Watch for your bicycle on top of the car when entering the garage. No confirmed daily rate. Expect $20–30.

Train: space is limited on the train. Notify the leader of your interest to join the trip. Take the Commuter Rail at 10:00 from Boston South station to arrive Providence at 11:05. Ride will leave at 11:15. After dinner, we return on train 19:04 from Providence to arrive Boston at 20:13


As required by our insurance carrier,  non-members may participate in one CRW ride per calendar year and must fill out our release form before the ride.  You will not need to fill out the printed form at the ride.

If you would like to join CRW, go to our membership form.

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Saturday - August 3, 2019
11:15 at Providence train station: south corner near exit to Railroad Street
10:00 at Boston South station
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Show and Go

Routes and Cue Sheets from RWGPS

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55 2,444 ft Cue sheet GPX

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