Spring Swap Meet & Rides

Jerry Skurla


New Spring Swap Meet & Rides event on May 1 offers 3 rides, hard-to-find parts & gear and Spring cleaning motivation 

Have you said any of the following recently?


- "I just need 2 parts to get this bike up and rolling, but I can't find them anywhere."

- "Craigslist and eBay are ok, but I can't inspect items before buying like I want to."

- "It's time to clear out all my unused bikes, parts, and gear."


If you have come to the new CRW Spring Swap Meet & Rides event on May 1.


It takes place at Lincoln-Sudbury High School's parking lot in Sudbury, MA and includes:


- a 9am 50 mile ride

- a 10am 30 mile Women's program, no-drop ride

- a 11am 25 mile ride

- afternoon Swap Meet from 1-5pm


For both CRW members and their guests, the Spring Swap Meet is designed to have options for all.  There is no charge to participate.  Attendees can:


1. Tag, price and put your items on CRW-monitored "theme tables" like drive train

    & brakes, wheels & tires, clothing & shoes and more.


2. Bring and set-up your own "tailgate" table to display all your stuff as you want


3. Tag, price and put complete bikes in the CRW-monitored Bike Corral


4. Use the "Free Stuff" table for items anyone can have for free.  All items

    unclaimed at the end of the Swap Meet will be donated to Bikes not Bombs.



So on May 1st enjoy one of three great rides AND find the chainring bolts, or right hand shifter you need, or a "new-to-you" bike that you want.







Have questions? Please contact Jerry Skurla at jskurla [at] comcast.net