Ride is cancelled

Not much snow on the ground, icy in spots and the forecast for snow is gone.


CRW Rides are open to members and limited guests. Guests may only attend two rides during the calendar year.
All riders (both Members and Guests) must REGISTER

Guests register here: https://www.crw.org/node/9798?rid=13837&date=2022-01-16

Members register here: https://www.crw.org/node/9797?rid=13837&date=2022-01-16

If a rider has not pre-registered, that rider must do so online at the start of the ride. 

The online registration will include a liability waiver that all riders will need to review and accept. 

The online registration will also require all riders to review CRW’s Safety and COVID Guidelines and to agree to follow those guidelines on the ride.


Cutler Park
If mother nature works for Sunday, we'll explore the trails in Cutler Park. Forecast (a week out) calls for snow all day.
84 Kendrick St, Needham, MA We'll meet at the western end of the parking lot, closest to the highway.
Route to TBD. We'll stay together.
Fat bikes or really wide tires will likely be needed. Even better with studs.

Date: Sunday Jan 16, 2022
Ride Leader(s): 

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