SMART Safety Talk

This is a simple safety talk that you can copy to your phone or print and read verbatim at the start of a ride.

1. SMART – 

Stay Alert - Momentary inattention is the number one cause of incidents. Watch for vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians and hazards.
Maintain Space - Leave enough room in front of you to avoid other riders, vehicles and hazards. Ride outside the door zone and move off the road when stopping.
Act Safely and Predictably - Make sure you can see and be seen. Ride a straight line and only pass on the left. Be courteous.
Respect the Rules of the Road - Obey all traffic laws; stop for all red lights and stop signs. Signal turns whenever safe, ride no more than two abreast (single file is safer) and yield right-of-way when appropriate.
Think ahead and talk - Scan ahead and anticipate what others will do. Communicate actions and hazards, tell others when passing and cross railroad tracks at a right angle when possible.

2. Be Safe, Courteous, Lawful

3. Your actions impact the rider behind you