Sandy Gray

Eli Post


Sandy Gray was president of CRW in 2017 and 2018. We are saddened to report that Sandy died on July 6, 2022. He was on a ride with friends and had a horrific crash. He was 70. Despite the best efforts by EMT’s and police, Sandy did not make it. Although he had serious health issues, Sandy was doing what he loved best. That is not meant to be conciliation to friends and family, but we note he loved riding and was surrounded by friends when he died.

Stan Kay was on the ride and said “I am saddened and stunned. We were joking and chatting with Sandy on our ride, and then suddenly this horrific event takes him from us and his family in an instant. Words cannot adequately express the grief that we must all be feeling, and the sense that each of our own lives are equally fraught with fragility.

Bernie Flynn preceded Sandy as president “Sandy took up cycling relatively late in life; he really was more of a motorcyclist before he rode a bike across the United States. That was the way he got into cycling shape. Afterward we rode together often. He was fun to ride with, full of irreverent stories and not afraid to share an opinion or two. I persuaded him to become the president of CRW when my term ended. He occasionally wondered how I tricked him into doing that. Like many of us his health and  relentless aging slowed him down. I got an e-bike and eventually so did he. I always felt a warmth of spirit from Sandy. He was curious about others and cheerful. Everyone who rides a bike knows how unpredictable the next moment can be, but we do it in order to live to the fullest. Sandy was like that, always full of life. He will be missed. Very sad and shocking! “

Eli Post served on the CRW board with Sandy. “He took his role seriously and was a productive member of the Board. He was always cheerful and I enjoyed working with him."

There were many other members who remember Sandy and chatting with him on rides, who are shocked by the news, and will remember this as a sad and difficult day. Bob Wolf who was on the ride with Sandy talks about “a friend, avid cyclist, and motor cycle enthusiast who was upbeat and looking forward to riding more with the group this season”.

A wake was held for Sandy on July 11, and there was a large contingent of his CRW friends to pay last respects. At the family’s request, some folks are donating to CRW in lieu of sending flowers. The club is collecting the checks and will set up a fund in Sandy's name. The club is actively considering how the donations might best memorialize Sandy. If you wish to donate go here


We express our heartfelt condolences to his family for their loss.

We received  a note from Sandy's family:

To Everyone in CRW,

Thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangement! You are wonderful people and Sandy and I enjoyed the parties and Sandy the rides. Bless you all.

The family of Sandy Gray


Russ Keene was a riding buddy and provided some photos which reveal the wide role that biking and CRW played in Sandy's life.

Presenting a volunteer award as CRW president

Helping out at a CRW century ride.


Riding with friends.


Enjoying an after-ride lunch with friends.

Bob Wolf is another riding buddy who also wanted to share some photos.