RWGPS Update

Eli Post


Over the last several months we have reported on Ride With GPS features and fitting your bike to take advantage of the technology. This is a summary and update, and response to questions we’ve received along the way.


 If you missed any of the reports on our Club account, cell phone mounts, battery life, and mobile planner, all are available from the homepage. Go to “Members Only” and scroll down to the “Ride With GPS” menu link.

 We reported on finding local routes in the RWGPS library Here.

 RWGPS produced an informative information page on their new mobile route planner Here

 Several questions were received about the how to load a CRW route onto your cell phone. There are multiple ways, but here is the most direct. Go to on your phone’s browser and look for the ride you are interested in, and then find the section on Route Maps. Click “GPX” under Download, and the route should open in the RWGPS app. Another option is to find the route on your computer and email yourself the link, which you can then open in the app. Obviously this works only if you are able to receive email on your phone.