Route Back to Course

Eli Post

Ride With GPS has a feature pending which could save the day for you if you get lost on a ride, hit a closed road or encounter nasty road conditions. The feature may in fact be operational by the time this article is published.

The feature is “Route back to course” on mobile. This will be similar to Garmin, where if you go off course on a route by a certain threshold, you will be presented with a route option to get you back on course, which you can temporarily choose or dismiss. If chosen, that re-route would come to the foreground and  give standard navigation for that route until you meet back up with the original route. Once back on the original route, navigation would pick back up like usual. The app won't change anything about the original route, but will be presenting a new route back to course in a different color.

Anyone who uses GPS while driving will appreciate the usefulness of this feature. We look forward to seeing it operational.





I wonder if this will work for off road routes.

Unknowingly I used this feature recently and was totally confused why my Garmin displayed my route and an alternate route. My ride was mixed terrain so most of it was on the trails. It constantly tried to reroute me a different way around the trail I wanted to be on. I guess it either didn’t recognize the trail I was on as an official trail or if the trails were so close to one another that it thought I was lost and needed to be rerouted. It wanted to route me back into popular trails and go around sections that I had mapped out. I did not like this feature for off road, especially since I didn’t understand what was going on. I might give this another try on a road ride and purposely deviate from the rout to see what happens.

The writer's experience was with a Garmin instrument, not the Ride With GPS mobile app. We don't know yet how the "back to route" feature will perform on trails.