Riding Solo - Finding Local Routes

Eli Post

The Club rides are cancelled, and even small group rides are not considered safe. Many are riding solo and often just in their neighborhoods. This is certainly a reasonable course, but as warmer weather has arrived, you may wish to undertake longer more challenging routes. While routes aren’t available on Amazon, there is a place you can go to find routes that start near where you are based, and many of these routes have been thought through by CRW or another rider.

Ride With GPS has an enormous library of routes, some by CRW and others by subscribers to the organization. This is a proven method of securing routes especially ones where you want to specify the start location.

Let’s provide an example of how this works by assuming you live or want to start your ride in Newton, MA. First you go to https://ridewithgps.com/find which is their “Find a Route” page. Key in the following:

Starts within 1 mile

Newton, MA

And the search will find over 2,800 rides, enough to keep you busy for a while. You can further specify distance or elevation gain. There is also a keyword feature which lets you fine tune the search. Let’s do the same search but key “Charles River Wheelers” in the Keywords box, and we are down to seven rides, all from the CRW library. If you have a paid account or are a member of CRW’s RWGPS club account, you will get turn-by-turn navigation on the CRW routes using the RWGPS phone app.We also note that CRW routes are vetted by a known ride leader.

The CRW club account is accessible on the Members Only section of the website when you are logged on.There's instruction on how to join if you are not already a member.

We realize you miss the club rides and hope they will soon be restored. In the interim, try to get out cycling and solo is the way to go.

Bob Wolf inspired this article and helped in its preparation.