Ride with GPS - Your Ride Story

Eli Post


Most of you use Ride With GPS (RWGPS) to navigate Club rides, but a ride is rarely "just a ride" and can be an adventure which includes challenges, scenery and more. Many keep a record of rides, and RWGPS allows you to enhance that record with photos, points of interest, and ride reports. Learn here how to turn your ride record into an interesting story.


Points of Interest (POIs): Add your custom stops while recording

Did you come across an important eating place, or other feature you don't want to forget about, or a restroom you never knew about? Add them as POIs while you ride! POIs aren't just for planning routes on your computer, you can add them while recording with the mobile app. Choose an icon, name it, and give it a description. You can even move it afterwards to refine the location.



Photos capture the adventure, exactly where you took them

Ride photos taken mid-ride can be geotagged along your ride when it's uploaded. Show friends exactly what you saw along the way, right where you saw it. Whether you recorded with the app and snapped photos from your phone, or uploaded your ride from a GPS device and added images later, RWGPS will sync everything up.

There are three ways to upload your photos directly into the Ride with GPS mobile app:

Auto-upload while Live-Logging:

If you're a Premium or Basic subscriber, you can choose to automatically upload photos while Live Logging. This will use your cellular network connection to upload each picture as you use Live Logging. You can turn this feature off or switch to Wi-fi upload only, if you do not want to use any network data during your ride.

Add photos when saving your ride:

  • Tap "Go Ride" to start recording, get pedaling and then, when you arrive at your picture-worthy moment, simply snap photos from your native camera app. You will be able to select them for upload later.

  • When you've finished your ride, hold the pause button and select Finish Ride.

  • In the Save Details screen, select the Add Photos option and then choose the photo(s) you'd like to upload with your ride.

  • When satisfied, hit Save, and all the photos you selected will get uploaded and appear along the ride where you took them.

Past Saved Rides:

You can add photos to any of your past rides with photos stored in your photo gallery!

  • Open  the ride you want to add photos to

  • Tap the 3 dot menu in upper right corner > Edit Details


  • We will highlight photos taken during the time period of your ride. Tap to select or deselect photos to be uploaded.

  • Press Save to finish your photo selection.

Ride Reports:

Ride Reports make it easy to create beautiful and insightful stories of your two-wheeled adventures. Think of it as an easy-to-use blogging platform for your rides, complete with interactive maps, photo collages, ride maps and other storytelling tools.

Need some inspiration? Check out beautifully told riding adventures here Featured Ride Reports section.