Ride With GPS: Mobile Route Planner

Eli Post

Over the years we’ve worked directly with the management of Ride With GPS, and many of the features you experience are the result of our discussions. We won’t take time to list them, but they keep making improvements and we are happy to report on a new RWGPS feature that evolved without our help and is marvelous in its scope and innovation.

RWGPS says “this is probably the biggest feature we've done since we released the mobile apps themselves back in 2014. What they call a “mobile route planner” is a wonderful feature that lets you plan routes on your cell phone and other mobile devices. For those of us who regularly plan routes, the mobile app is a totally different experience, and must be tried to fully appreciate it. You will have to update your app, and it will be worth your time. According to RWGPS "The new mobile route planner is fully compatible with the Ride with GPS web-based planner. It includes support for cuesheets, points of interest, interactive elevation profiles, drag-and-drop editing, and climb-aware estimated riding time. Estimated time is personally tailored to each rider based off their riding history."

We will report more fully on the mobile route planner in a future WheelPeople issue, but we would like to hear first from those with experience with the mobile app who try out the mobile route planner. Let us know the pros and cons so our report to the members contains firsthand knowledge. You should share your experience and contact robertgwolf [at] gmail.com (Bob Wolf) who is CRW’s liaison with RWGPS. 

Eli Post is Editor of WheelPeople.



This is still a paid feature for RideWithGPS even if you are CRW member?