Ride With GPS -Heat Maps

Eli Post

There is a fine line between technology advances and science fiction in that we sometimes can’t believe that what is presented is actually real or the product of imagination. However, we live in an age of rapidly developing technological development, which brings us to “heat maps” a concept that at first you might question but Ride With GPS has made it real and available. The heatmap was designed with route planning in mind. It overlays real rider data in the web and mobile route planners.

Heat Maps could transform the way that cyclists discover, plan and navigate routes. The Heatmap aggregates data from the past two years of publicly-recorded trips from the RWGPS global community of millions and highlights them on a map so that users can see the “heat” generated from other cyclists. It is  designed especially with route creation and navigation in mind. From RWGPS "We are thrilled to unveil the Ride with GPS Heatmap, our newest tool to help you discover and plan great, safe routes - no matter where you are. See where local cyclists ride when you're out of town, or turn it on in the route planner and uncover a new loop in your own backyard. Available while recording, planning, or just viewing a route - the heatmap is an endlessly valuable tool."

With the Ride with GPS Heatmap, cyclists can view streets favored by other cyclists, and plan a route that has been “vetted” by other riders. Updates to the heatmap will be made weekly so that the data included is continually growing and accurate. This is a useful development not only for CRW ride leaders but for anyone going out for a ride, and favoring streets used by other riders. The image, taken from the mobile planner, shows Concord Center and the various streets favored by riders.

Heatmap for Boston area, west to Framingham, north to Woburn, and South to Needham.Larger Image