Return of the Killer Hill may sound like a horror movie but it's just a ride where all routes are hilly and present a challenge. Be prepared! The Killer Hill family has three routes. The medium route (Mama Hill) is 40 miles with 3,400 feet of climb or 80 feet per mile of climb. The short route (Baby Hill) is 25 miles with 74 feet per mile of climb, almost as hilly. The 49 mile long route (Papa Hill) gratuitously grabs every hill in sight and is a whopping 82 feet of climb per mile making it one of the club's hilliest rides. Besides being hilly, the roads are as charming as they get. The route is not marked and GPS navigation is recommended as there are numerous turns on all the routes. Routes will be updated, if necessary, on or about August 1.



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Saturday - August 10, 2019
10.00 for 25, 40 and 49 miles
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Cue sheet

Routes and Cue Sheets from RWGPS

Miles Elevation Print Download
26 1,768 ft Cue sheet GPX
41 3,138 ft Cue sheet GPX
50 4,246 ft Cue sheet GPX

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