Rail Riders

Eli Post


We are a road bike club, and most of our rides are on public streets, and virtually all of our riders use road bikes. But that is not the complete story of the biking experience. There are other kinds of bike rides (like mountain riding) and some prefer other venues (bike paths, dirt roads).

There is however another biking experience, which most of you never heard of. One that works for a family vacation or if circumstances keep you off your road bike.

Rail Riders are recumbent style bikes which run on railroad tracks. You need to pedal but your entire ride is on a railroad track. There are several of these around the country, but we note two close to home.

Scenic Railriders in Concord, NH Scenic RailRiders offers two-seat and four seat options on a 6.4 mile track. They estimate the trip takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. There's a news story with an interesting video.


Rail Explorers is in southern Rhode Island www.railexplorers.net/ The route offers views of Narragansett Bay.

Both organizations  said they try to time the tour when the trains aren’t coming through, and if so you need to keep a 20 mph pace to stay ahead of them. Which shouldn’t be too bad with two people pedaling. Just kidding!

We thank Alex Post for doing the research for this article. And here he is enjoying a bike rail ride with a friend in upstate NY. Enjoy a brief video.