President's Message - October 2020

Larry Kernan

Vote for Board Members

The polls are open from October 1st to October 15th.  We have a contested election and your vote is important. 

At the bottom of the column, I will share my thoughts on the candidates for the CRW board..

But most importantly, please log in to your CRW account and VOTE!



CRW Vice President of Diversity

I am very excited that Rudge McKenney has accepted a senior leadership position in the club.  He will be CRW’s VP of Diversity, advising the Board on matters related to diversity and acting as a gatekeeper on diversity issues.  See the full article on Rudge’s appointment in this WheelPeople issue.

Cranberry Harvest Century – Virtual meets Actual

As most of you have heard, we are running our Covid-19 Edition of the Cranberry Harvest Century from September 15th until October 15th

On Sunday September 20th, CRW volunteers set up an actual rest stop to greet riders as they came through the Mattapoisett Wharf.  Steve Carlson, Carol Carlson, Robyn Betts, Mary Kernan and I staffed the stop and it was almost like a “real” CRW event.

Francie Sparks commented:

“As a long term CRW member, I had come to see CRW rides as a given, always there, always good, but sort of expected. When the rides stopped, I was floored at the void I felt, and how much I missed them. When we get them back, I will always appreciate the fun, camaraderie, and richness of experience that CRW rides and events provide, and never again take them for granted.”

After removing gloves and donning masks, riders hands were sprayed with disinfectant.  Then they were treated to water, Gatorade, lemonade, peanut butter-filled pretzels, trail mix, Kind bars, bananas, and candy bars.

Volunteers really enjoyed chatting up the 30 to 40 riders who took advantage of this Rest Stop.

My Endorsements for Board Candidates

I am not running for a Board seat in this election.  I have finished a three year term on the Board, serving the last two years as President.  I will continue on the Board as Past President which will give me the chance to assist our next CRW President.  I have learned how many volunteers it takes to put on great cycling and social events.  Furthermore, I have observed that the best Board members are the super volunteers, those who are dedicated and give tirelessly to the club.

Therefore, I endorse, Rami Haddad, Steve Carlson and Harriet Fell for Board seats this year.  Rami and Steve are both incumbents.  Rami has served as a Board member after being elected following the resignation of Dan Gomez this past May.  Rami leads many creative rides including “Beat the Train” and overnight trips.  The Board appointed Rami to be Vice President for Communication in January 2020.  He also served as a member of our Covid Task Force.

Steve’s service to the club has been nothing less than amazing.  Over the last year or so, in addition to being a Board Member (3 years) and Executive Vice President (2 years), Steve has also held the following posts:

  • Grants Committee Chairman
  • Century Committee Member and previous chair
  • Ride Leader
  • Bylaw Committee Chairman
  • Bike Shop Coordinator
  • CRW Covid Task Force Member

We need Rami and Steve back next year to continue all their great work.

Harriet Fell is a new candidate for the Board.  Many of you know her or know her name.  She is truly a member of cycling royalty.  Harriet was one of the first Americans to ride and complete the 1200 kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris brevet.  But more importantly, she has worked tirelessly for CRW on numerous events.  In 2018, Harriet received a CRW Volunteer Award for her outstanding contributions to CRW Centuries over a period of many years.  Whenever, I’ve asked Harriet for some help, she has always been there for me.

That’s why I’m backing Rami Haddad, Steve Carlson and Harriet Fell.

Please vote!