Preparing for your Genealogical Destiny

Eli Post

Preparing for your Genealogical Destiny

By Eli Post

I’ve looked younger than my years my entire adult life and even more so when I started biking 150 - 200 miles a week. Ironically no one has ever asked me how I accomplished this as looking younger than your age is no easy feat. Perhaps people thought I went to great lengths and did not want to hear my story. 

Eli on a horse, Age 4

But it’s years later and I feel it’s time to share my scheme and possibly help many deal with a nagging issue. No one wants to look old. I’m surprised, it isn’t more obvious, but the trick is to pick your own parents. Appearance runs in families and choosing the right parents is the only sure way to guarantee that you will have a fighting chance to look young your entire life. I had to do this before the Internet and other technology was available, utilizing old fashioned detective work that took many hours. My task was made difficult because my selected parents were from different countries, and solid information was scarce. In fact, the genetic data was virtually non-existent, which made matching up complex.

It is widely known that parental appearance strongly influences that in children. Medical studies showed that parents transmit to their children multiple genes that influence appearance. 

If you start now however, the task is much more manageable. A Web search provides infinite world-wide data, and there is even a free “Pick a Parent” app available for the iPhone with the Android version in the works. Trust me, it will be worth your time to download the app and get going. You will learn about DNA matches, genetic resources, and health and wellness benefits. Behind the app is a group of volunteers working together and having fun providing free online genealogy help and information. The app provides gateways to genetic data across the US and the sure approach to finding parents. You should start seeing results in days, and if you think my logic is farfetched, remember you are celebrating April Fool’s Day, and my mission has been accomplished.