Open Positions

CRW is run 100% by volunteers. There are currently several open volunteer positions. Let us know if you can help with any of these positions?

Apparel & logo gear: graphic designer, shopper, & seller.

Assistant Treasurer

Volunteer wanted for Assistant Treasurer position. Duties include assisting the CRW Treasurer with all aspects of the position, including processing invoices and expense payments, preparation of bimonthly financial statements, and tax and insurance analysis and options. Financial management and/or accounting experience required and CPA preferred. One important aspect of the job will be to provide an informal audit and a second set of eyes to the CRW year end financial report. Any questions can be directed to Amy Wilson Treasurer [at] 


Wheel People Newsletter: Several different skill sets are required to produce the monthly newsletter, and two positions are open.

Assistant Editor- Solicit articles, compose original articles, work with past authors and edit existing articles. Task is to make sure an article is readable, accurate and otherwise ready for publication.

Graphic Designer - provide graphic input on submitted articles. Should have knowledge about design elements and technical skills to use design software tools. Creativity is essential.

Contact Editor of WheelPeople Eli Post eli [at]


Communications Positions are open for each communication channel for one or more members. You would preferably commit for one year, spending about 2 hours per week.

· Instagram editor: post pictures collected from rides, compile stories, respond to comments, announce club updates published elsewhere, & connect with community members.

· Facebook moderator: administer tool configurations, manage member requests to join, update banner images, moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, post announcements based on club & Wheel People updates, & connect with community members.

· Strava moderator: schedule rides & events on Strava calendar based on club calendar, post announcements based on club & Wheel People updates, & administer club members that may be ghost or spam accounts.

· Slack: moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, administer tool configurations, & connect with community members.

· Google Groups: moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, manage member requests to join, administer tool configurations, & connect with community members.

  Contact VP of Communications Rami Haddad communications [at]


Ride Leaders: lead rides with group, plan virtual ride challenges, support century events, & host social parties.


Business Development: Negotiate with partners: apply member discounts, share events, & exchange member benefits.


Club leadership: Board member, finance, & administration


Century Committee Member

Responsibilities: As a member of a 4-5 person team, you will be responsible for all aspects of developing successful CRW centuries.  This includes: registration, event day logistics, tasking 50-60 volunteers, laying out routes in RWGSP, coordinating with community police departments and communities leaders for police details and needed permits, coordinating sanitation details, gaining rest stop land usage permits/approval, planning after ride parties and assisting in equipment distribution, clean-up and storage. Additional help with volunteer recognitions/parties and soliciting local communities/sponsors for rest stop assistance  as required. Authoring WheelPeople articles about the event (pre/post) are expected.

Time Commitment: A two year commitment is desired.  CRW holds two centuries annually, one in May and one in October.  Organizational meetings begin three months in advance of centuries with low frequency.  Hours expected:

T*-3month = 6 hrs/month, T*-2month = 12 hrs/month, T*-1month = 15 hr/mo, T*-0 month, including event day =  24 hrs (*where T is the date of the event).  Some work will be required during normal business hours.

Need Date: Spring Century will be COVID dependent, but seeking interested parties immediately to fulfill the committee structure.

Contact: Steve Carlson, scarw01 [at]