Open Positions

CRW is run 100% by volunteers. There are currently several open volunteer positions. Can you help with any of them?

Century Committee Co-Chair

Centuries are one of the most popular events in CRW and it takes a ton of volunteers to run them. More importantly, it takes a dedicated committee to organize the event and attend to the zillions of details associated with the ride.

The Century Committee is looking for a Co-Chair who will join veteran Chairperson Larry Kernan in running the committee for the Cranberry Harvest Century. Larry has years of experience organizing centuries and would like to pass along the knowledge with the hopes that the Co-Chair will potentially lead the committee in the future.

If you're interested, contact Larry Kernan at larry.kernan [at]

Kit Coordinator

This year, CRW introduced a new logo and everyone is ready for a new cycling kit. We had a volunteer working on this who has had to withdraw. A lot of the work has already been done and a preliminary vendor has been chosen. We need someone to complete the process! That means working with the vendor to finalize the design. The vendor will then set up an online store from which club members can make their purchases. The Kit Coordinator will oversee the proces and work with the vendor to make sure things go smoothly, answering club member questions and resolving issues. 

If you're interested, please contact Ed Cheng at ed_cheng_89 [at]

Ride Leaders

The club is always looking for volunteers to help lead rides. To learn everything you need to know about being a Ride Leader, check out our Ride Leader Handbook

To become a Ride Leader, you need to:

  1. Attend Ride Leader training (for 2022 you can watch the Zoom video at
  2. Read the Ride Leader Handbook
  3. Co-lead at least three rides.
  4. Submit a letter to the VP of Rides
    • List the rides you co-lead
    • Provide the names of the Ride Leaders
    • Describe your responsibilities on those rides


For more information, contact the VP of Rides at ridesvp [at]

Wheel People Newsletter

Several different skill sets are required to produce the monthly newsletter, and two positions are open.


  • Assistant Editor: solicit articles, compose original articles, work with past authors and edit existing articles. Task is to make sure an article is readable, accurate and otherwise ready for publication.
  • Graphic Designer: provide graphic input on submitted articles. Should have knowledge about design elements and technical skills to use design software tools. Creativity is essential.

Contact Editor of WheelPeople Eli Post eli [at]


Positions are open for each channel. You would preferably commit for one year, spending about 2 hours per week.


  • Instagram: post pictures collected from rides, compile stories, respond to comments, announce club updates published elsewhere, & connect with community members.
  • Facebook: administer tool configurations, manage member requests to join, update banner images, moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, post announcements based on club & Wheel People updates, & connect with community members.
  • Strava: schedule rides & events on Strava calendar based on club calendar, post announcements based on club & Wheel People updates, & administer club members that may be ghost or spam accounts.
  • Slack: moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, administer tool configurations, & connect with community members.
  • Google Groups: moderate member conversations according to communication guidelines, manage member requests to join, administer tool configurations, & connect with community members.

Contact communications team communications [at]