Nutrition Webinars

Rami Haddad

We ran a series of nutrition webinars in April 2020, and had an enthusiastic response from those who attended. They felt the nutrition advice was useful and presented in an inviting manner. We are therefore giving you the opportunity to view them, and benefit from the experience. The presenter in all three videos is Nancy Clark, an internationally respected sports nutritionist, weight coach, nutrition author, and workshop leader.

The videos are listed on the reference page. For copyright reasons, they are restricted to CRW members.

Video April 9, 2020: Carbohydrates. What they are and what they aren’t. Fattening? Waste of calories? Source of fuel?

Video April 16, 2020: Protein Requirements and Protein Supplements. How much protein do cyclist require? Benefits of protein from real foods vs powder. High protein diets (pros and cons).

Video April 23, 2020: Fueling for a Century: Training diet. Diet days before. During the event. Recovery


To watch the videos, click HERE