November Film Festival

Alex Post


There's nothing better than getting out for a ride, but on a rest day a video can almost take us there. Enjoy our monthly virtual film fest.

Five Boro Bike Tour
First held in 1977, the five boro bike ride is an annual one day event cycling 40 miles through all five New York City boroughs. The streets along the route are closed to vehicle traffic, and it typically attracts around 30,000 riders. Held on the first Sunday in May, the next one is May 1, 2022.  3 Mins.
Bike Campers
Bike packing has increased in popularity in recent years, involving multi day rides carrying all camping and related gear on your bike. A less common option is a bike camper, towing a very tiny "house" behind your bike. Campers can range in weight from 70 to 150 lbs, and are often custom built so the cost can vary. At least one is around $4,000. Despite the inherent appeal of a bike home, it may we'll be questionable whether these offer sufficient advantages over a standard bike packing setup.  10 Mins.


Alex Post is a CRW member who lives in Virginia, but regularly visits MA to bike with his dad. He has also led rides for CRW.