Non-Member Policy FAQ

Non-Member Rider Policy
April 1, 2022

CRW has updated its policy regarding non-members participating in Club rides. In the past, non-members could participate in an unlimited number of club rides without joining. Non-members are now limited to two club rides in their lifetime. The change is being made in order to be in compliance with the Club liability coverage. The CRW online ride sign-up system will review an individual's membership status, the number of rides for a non-member, and mandate the signing of CRW waivers for every ride. Accident Medical Insurance is available to members WHO HAVE SIGNED UP for the ride. 

Occasionally, there will be rides that are for members only, these can include the spring and fall Centuries, Adventure Rides, and Festivals. This restriction to members is again due to insurance restrictions for special events.

Policy statement

As required by our insurance carrier, non-members may participate in two club rides in their lifetime.

Ride Leader Implementation

Bring a copy of the sign up roster to your ride and please make a good effort to make sure everyone is signed up. Different ride leaders do this in different ways, including taking attendance, making an announcement asking riders to come check in with the leader to looking at the crowd size and the roster size. Online sign up is the only option. If someone has not signed up ask them to sign up on a Smart Phone right in the parking lot. It is not hard, and can be done quickly. Sign-up protects the Club, the ride leaders and the riders. In the pre-ride speech, please make an announcement that everyone must be signed up online for the ride.

While all ride leaders have a different approach to ride online sign-up, the most important thing is to reinforce the importance of the Club Policy on every ride. if this does not happen, what often happens is an inertia where fewer and fewer riders sign up and it hurts the whole Club.


What if someone doesn’t want to sign up for the ride?

Let them know our policy and explain that they can’t be on the ride. Leave it at that. These are public roads and you can’t and shouldn’t try to stop them. 

What liability coverage do I have as a ride leader?

Our insurance policy provides you with liability coverage and will also pay your legal fees if a liability claim is made against you with respect to a club ride.

Why is the club being so fussy about this?

We do not want you or the club to have any liability exposure. Additionally, people who continuously ride for free without joining the club are not paying their fair share and are adding a burden on ride leaders. The fee to join is $15 and anyone with a bike should be able to afford this.

What does the insurance company ask for in the event of a mishap or accident?

They ask for a copy of the signup roster, the liability waiver signed for the ride and a person's membership status.

What if I still have questions?

Contact the VP of Rides.

What if a rider has questions?

They can contact anyone on the Board. The contact info is on the website.