CRW Rides are open to members and limited guests. Guests may only attend two rides before joining.
All riders (both Members and Guests) must REGISTER

Register here:

If a rider has not pre-registered, that rider must do so online at the start of the ride. 

The online registration will include a liability waiver that all riders will need to review and accept. 

The online registration will also require all riders to review CRW’s Safety and COVID Guidelines and to agree to follow those guidelines on the ride.


Just show up, introduce yourself to others, find someone to ride with and agree on the rules of the ride. Then, off you go.

Join Event on Strava to let others know you will be there:
It is surprising how many beautiful quiet neighborhood streets we can explore on this urban route. Bonus sprint training on the many stop lights & signs.

Use club Slack channel #ride-boston to discuss this event further:

Get comfortable with car traffic. Take the entire road lane on many sections as needed. Use bright head & tail lights.

Date: Thursday Oct 8, 2020
Ride type: 
Show and Go

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