The new Wheelpeople – and a request for volunteers

Lisa Najavits


You may notice that you’re seeing the August Wheelpeople in a new format. CRW will be sending Wheelpeople as an email newsletter going forward with clickable links rather than the former PDF (which was preceded by a mailed newsletter, which was preceded most likely by a horse-and-buggy or carrier pigeon method). 

The email newsletter will allow us to view metrics to understand what content is most of interest to members, such as what is clicked most often. So, click away and we will ‘hear’ you!

The newly formed Communications Committee (myself, Larry Kernan, Jack Donohue, Robyn Betts, and Kristi Carlson) is also working on some other fronts. We are:

  • Discussing ways to expand CRW social media options to help members engage with each other in new ways. 
  • Exploring the possibility of launching a member-initiated impromptu ride mechanism so that people can ride together beyond just the calendar-posted rides.
  • Planning to help new and existing members become more aware of already-existing communication methods such as the CRW listserv.
  • Considering creating a database in which members could post their locality, ride pace, and preferred ride times so they can locate others in the club with shared interests.
  • Planning to work on redesigning the club website.


In general, we are looking to create more interactivity via CRW media rather than it being primarily a one-way communication channel. We will also be addressing policies about what gets posted in the newsletter, such as ads and other events outside CRW.

Now here’s the ask--  we need some help. As you will see, the August newsletter will be functional but not as spiffy as we would like. We are looking to engage members to help with these projects, such as those who have a background in graphic design; social media; proofreading and formatting of the e-newsletter; and editor-level work such as writing and editing articles. Also, if you have ideas beyond what’s listed here that would enhance the club’s communications, send your ideas to me at lisa.najavits [at] or via text (617-299-1620). 

Happy cycling!



I liked having the entire newsletter in a single file or email message...I often would read it while traveling or while off-network. Can we find a way to download the entire content of the newsletter? I liked the multi-column layout, or at least narrow columns, that made it easier to read than very wide lines as wide as my browser's display. I'd love it if you could find a way to do that with the new format.

thanks for the ideas-- noted and we'll be looking into those options