New Recurring Ride - Back Bay Derby

This rolling 28 mile route is great for city riders who want to get out of town in the evening for a good workout in the near west suburbs. We'll ride as a group until we reach our second pick up point at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (at the corner of Beacon Street and Chestnut Hill Ave at approximately 6:45 p.m.) then proceed at a conversational no drop pace until the turn around/half way point. From that point on the ride will be full race pace back into the city. Riders who prefer a more leisurely ride are welcome to join us and should be sure to have either a GPS, RwGPS or cue sheet for navigation. We'll have a quick meet up just prior to the pace change point where groups and ride details can be established. Recommended to bring lights in case it gets dark before we finish. 

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