The Mighty Squirrel – Year Round Ride

Daniel Gomez

It’s been a terrific riding year and it will be sad to miss several riders in the next few weeks and months. While some will store their bikes, I plan on continuing riding both indoor and outside. As long as there’s no ice, I can adapt and keep training both on and off the saddle.

Earlier this summer CRW posted The Mighty Squirrel Ride.  Nice metric century with about 3600ft of climbing to Harvard and back to Waltham, with an optional scenic loop to the Fruitland Museum. It has been a pleasant surprise to see a nice mix of riders and we truly hope to build up the same camaraderie so many other CRW rides have.

Being a CRW member for the last two years, I realized the great offering the club has for a good portion of our members. At the same time, I felt that those like me: 10-year-old kid, full-time job, house chores, and a monthly mortgage to pay didn’t have so many CRW led opportunities to ride. I felt the I needed a hard, hilly ride every month throughout the year. That’s how The Mighty Squirrel Ride came to place.

So, if you are up for the challenge, we’d like to have your company and would be glad to ride with you the third Sunday of every month (November 17th, December 15th, January 19th, February 16th, March 15th,  etc. It’s an amazing route with plenty of short and longer climbs, rolling hills and nice flats. We can also gather upon returning to The Mighty Squirrel for a cold one or can trade it for a hot tea mug so we can talk more bikes.

Hopefully we can cater to the experienced rider that seeks for a hard ride at a 20mph pace. If you are just testing the waters and want an intermediate pace, we also offer the 16-18 mph group. We have received emails about offering other pace groups; it’s a great idea and we want to welcome more members to join us. We just need a ride leader to join us and guide that group.

Some have asked why 7:30AM? Well, we have kids at home, or chores, or simply want to be back by 1PM on time for a game, feeling good about having logged 65 miles, and still have the rest of the day available.

Whatever your motivation might be, you’ll be welcomed to this new, recurrent ride. We hit the tarmac, every third Sunday of the month. Do not forget to check the ride calendar at the night before, any cancelations will be posted by 8PM the previous Saturday.

Looking forward to riding with you one of these Sundays.

Ride Safe!