Message from the President

Larry Kernan
Message from the President
This will be a brief column this month as I’m on the road again -  doing the 7 day Tour de Cure New England Classic for the American Diabetes Association.  It’s a real monster of a ride — 550 miles and nearly 30,000 feet of climbing.  I’m taking notes on how they support their riders.
Tim Wilson, the executive director of the ride (and a CRW member) gave a wonderfully safety briefing.  His comment on potholes was priceless.  “In old England, the one across the Atlantic, they ride on the left side of the road.  Here in New England, we ride on what’s left of the road.”
On another topic, we did a huge mailing of 1,250 CRW name tags to all CRW members who had up to date addresses and emergency contact information in their CRW profile.  In addition to Mary and me, we had eight volunteers who helped print, punch, sort, stuff envelopes, stick on address labels, return address labels and stamps.  My thanks go out to Rich Taylor, Penny Leslie, Gene Ho, Dom Jorge, Ellen Dirgins, Glenn Pelrine, Patrick Brennan and Gardner (Sandy) Gray who put in a long evening to get this accomplished.
We’ll give members who haven’t yet received one the chance to update their CRW information and then do another production run.  After that, Linda Nelson volunteered to send each new member who joins CRW a name tag.
Finally, you have probably noticed that WheelPeople looks very different than it has in the past.  We are in transition.  Please be patient with us as we develop the new internet-based newsletter.
Get out and ride and stay hydrated!


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Great quote about potholes. I'm going to reuse that. The name tags are excellent too. I met a CRW member on South Hero Island because she saw the tag on my bike. Since I have more than 1 bike, I'd like more than 1 tag. How can I get additional tags?