Message from the CRW President

Larry Kernan


The big news story for CRW is that our group rides are scheduled to re-start on July 1st!!!!

Nothing could bring a bigger smile to my face.  Please take a look at the WheelPeople article announcing the re-start for the details.  Clearly, we’re not back to where we were or want to be, but it’s a new beginning.  We can only do this with the co-operation of our members and I’m confident that you’re up to the challenge.  There are lots of new rules, but not as cumbersome as we were talking about last month.  Distances between riders can now be 20 feet, side-by-side riding is permitted and passing is permitted.  Masks are required at the ride start and whenever social distancing can not be maintained.

On another important front, the CRW Board affirmed its support of racial diversity.  A copy of the statement that was mailed to all CRW members is included in this issue of WheelPeople.  CRW stated that racial discrimination has no place in our nation, our community and in our club.  Most importantly, as a club, we pledge to be welcoming to all.  Lisa Najavits and André Wolff have volunteered to collect member suggestions and comments and to prepare a report with recommendations to the CRW Board.  Please send Lisa and André your comments at diversity [at] ().

I was pleased to see that many of you took us up on the challenge to ride a Covid edition of Climb to the Clouds.  Despite the high temperatures, many of you succeeded with your rides this past weekend.  The Century Committee will review your entries and pick some winners which we will present in next month’s WheelPeople.


I truly look forward to seeing you on a CRW group ride in the very near future.

Stay well, stay safe and keep on pedaling!